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Cream Chargers

What You Can Expect From Our Cream Chargers

All of our chargers are premium quality from the world’s leading brands. They only contain 100% pure nitrous oxide gas and they are full to capacity. Every 8gm charger goes through rigorous factory testing and safety procedures. We pride ourselves on selling only top quality products as we know the purity of chargers is significant to the taste and quality of your final product.

Have a cream charger related enquiry? let us know and we’ll get back you within the hour…

Why Buy From Us?

We have over five years experience in the industry, supplying a wide range of businesses with their cream charger supplies. We have a team of knowledgeable technicians on hand to answer any enquiries and customers often remark on our commitment to product quality and speed of delivery. Your business is very valuable to us and we like to reward our customers. We offer absolutely free postage on all of our products on our site, we challenge you to find another supplier who can beat us!

Our cream chargers contain 8g of nitrous oxide. To disperse your nitrous oxide safely and securely you will need one of our premium dispensers which you can find here. 


    There is little difference between each brand in terms of quality, but some of our customers prefer some brands to others. At Totally Charged we don’t have a preference as we feel all of our cream chargers produce the same consistent results.

    We stock a variety of premium branded cream chargers but stock is variable due to rapid turnover in supplies. If we are running low on stock from a particular brand or have run out, we will fulfil your order with another one of our premium brands. If you have particular concern of this, please email us prior to ordering to check availability.

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