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Customer Testimonials

At Totally Charged we pride ourselves on our outstanding reviews and customer feedback. Enjoy a consistent high quality service with Totally Charged, because for us it comes easily. No fuss, fast delivery and premium cream charger products are the essential ingredients of our rock-solid business plan.

tried and tested (or tried and trusted tried and true)

How do you know our customers are genuine? we’ve been in the business for the past five years selling quality cream charger products all over the country. We have returning customers because our prices are unbeatable and our commitment to customer service is second-to-none. We’ve adapted seamlessly to the E-commerce platform and have a a fool proof system to ensure our orders are sent out automatically as soon as you finalise. We have a team dedicated to handling customer support and a team out on the road – communication is key and we know that letting you know where your order is is important. Check out just a few of our testimonials below…


Despite our squeaky-clean record, we know that sometimes errors happen. If your order has been lost in the mail or has arrived much later than expected, please do send us an email and we will deal with an appropriate refund. Rest assured we have a team to deal with your enquiry and we will keep you informed of what happened and how we can rectify it.

Ordering under the age of 18

We do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 18 due to legal reasons so please do not try to order if you are underage. If you feel like we have miss-judged your age please send us an email with proof of identity and we will re-address your order. This very rarely happens but we thank you for your cooperation whilst we run our business strictly within the law.

Totally Charged on Social Media

We have both Instagram and Facebook profiles and appreciate feedback and reviews. In the past we have been less active but this year we plan to keep our profiles fully TC’d up and contactable at all times of the day! our customer service has been at the forefront of our business expansion programme and we will always have someone to talk to. Send us a message on Instagram and Facebook and leave us a review to win exclusive prizes!


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