When Nitrous Oxide is prepared and used by professional in a medical environment then it is done so in a safe and controlled fashion – any attempt at self-medication with laughing gas could lead to immediate death by asphyxiation (lack of oxygen) or at the very least there are serious long-term mental and physical side-effects. What is actually referred as “Laughing Gas” is in fact not actually pure N2O which is what is contained within cream chargers, but is a mix of approximately 70% Oxygen and 30% Nitrous Oxide.

Safety In The Kitchen:

Cartridges work under great pressure so please be sure to use all of our equipment with great care and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Never pierce or dispose of full cartridges and recycle them where possible. There is an explosion danger at temperatures of 50 degrees, so be sure to store your equipment in a safe and temperature controlled environment.


We would like to remind our customers of the potentially fatal consequence of abusing nitrous oxide and the dangerous effects of Nitrous Oxide abuse. We will refuse to sell to you if we suspect you intend to misuse our products and do not sell any of our products on our site to anyone under the age of 18. This is to protect misuse and to reduce harm.
Please remember Nitrous Oxide is sold only for the purpose of catering, the dangers of inhaling the substance and we strongly advise against recreational drug use. If you or anyone you know has any more questions regarding the dangers and effects a good source of information is Talk to Frank.

Some affects of Misuse:

Oxygen Deprivation – anaesthetics are becoming more popular in the recreational drug word and the abuse of nitrous oxide in this manner is becoming more popular even though it does not possess the strength that other anaesthetics contain. Perhaps it is because of its relative weakness that it is not considered by abusers to be as significant a risk as other pharmaceuticals and analgesics – but they are confusing weakness of affect with lower risk levels, which is not a correct correlation.

Brain damage  – one of the side effects of using nitrous oxide in this way could see the user suffer brain damage. The reason for this is that when it is inhaled if it is not controlled and mixed with at least twenty percent oxygen, the oxygen content of the blood is greatly reduced and this triggers a medical condition known as hypoxia. To achieve the effect that many crave, larger amounts of nitrous oxide have to be inhaled at the expense of the essential oxygen that everyone relies upon to exist.  The brain damage that could follow this action is irreversible.

Damage to Nervous Systems – Nitrous oxide has long been considered a safe form of anaesthesia by the medical profession, but research has confirmed that if a person subjects their body to prolonged or excessive use, then over a period of time it could have devastating effects. The nervous system could have severe damage inflicted upon it and the body’s bone marrow could show signs of change and deterioration. The practice of breathing nitrous oxide straight from pressurised tanks is extremely dangerous because as the gas flows it is extremely cold and this could result in the vocal cords being frozen and a user being asphyxiated. Thank you for reading our safety and misuse policies and please remember ordering cream charger supplies for recreational use is strictly prohibited. If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected]

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