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1200 cream chargers



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Mosa is one of the leading brand names in the cream charger industry, and has used by trusted chefs across both Europe and Asia. The chargers themselves are made of 100% recyclable steel, and contain 8g of food-grade nitrous oxide. Mosa protect each N20 charger against corrosion, preserving the quality of the gas inside for permium production of whipped cream. If you’re looking to save money then buying Mosa in bulk could be a viable option for you. please email us at: info@totallycharged.co.uk to enquire about pallet deals

Liss: Liss Kft. is a well established European company based in Hungary, manufacturing innovative gas related products. All LISS Professional Cream Whippers are dishwasher safe and will withstand intense in home and restaurant use.

Master Whip: Master Whip Cream Chargers are digitally weighed to precision and #TotallyCharged with the purist nitrous oxide ever created.

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